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G.D. Investigations was officially established in 2007. However, the spirit of the agency was born back in 1997 when Kevin Gannon promised the parents of a victim of a mysterious drowning in Manhattan that the perpetrator(s) would be caught. The team's investigative strength grew with the addition of Anthony Duarte & Mike Donovan in 2005. Technical expertise in the areas of crime mapping and criminology were added in 2006 when D. Lee Gilbertson joined the team.

In 2014, the teams first book was published titled Case Studies in Drowning Forensics. When a corpse is found in a body of water, authorities generally presume that the manner of death was either an accident or a suicide. They do not treat the recovery site as a potential crime scene or homicide, so many cases remain unsolved. Case Studies in Drowning Forensics investigates the cases of 13 bodies recovered from water in similar circumstances and one survivor. The product of intensive field investigation and archival research, this is the first book that presents and explains forensic autopsy evidence associated with the "Smiley Face" murders. 




Kevin Gannon

Kevin Gannon retired as a Sergeant in the Detective Bureau from the New York City Police Department after 20 years of service, which included more than 14 years as a supervisor. He has diversified training and experience in personal and physical security, investigation and surveillance, and disaster response. His background includes leadership positions responsible for the personal protection of numerous international dignitaries and personalities. He was an NYPD representative on Giuliani’s 1997 "Operation ICE" (Interagency Chemical Exercise) task force, which planned and coordinated for an emergency response to a major chemical disaster in lower Manhattan. Participation included Department of Defense training related to biological and chemical warfare. Gannon has supervised plainclothes personnel in anti-crime, narcotics and robbery units, and was second in charge of the NYPD's Missing Persons Squad. He was in charge of the Bronx Homicide Task Force (Nightwatch) from 1999 until his retirement in 2001. Gannon has made over 1,000 felony apprehensions for crimes involving narcotics, burglaries, robberies, and homicides. During his distinguished career, Gannon was awarded almost 100 medals for bravery. He was the most decorated member of the Special Investigation Division of the Detective Bureau and one of the most highly decorated Sergeants in the NYPD before his retirement. He was a two-time recipient of the Medal of Valor (1994 & 1996) from Mayor Giuliani for heroism in the line of duty. For his investigative work on gang crime, Gannon received the Frederic Milton Thrasher Award (2008) from the National Gang Crime Research Center. 



Anthony Duarte

Anthony Duarte retired from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Transportation Security Manager where he supervised airport screening checkpoints, monitored operations using various performance metrics, and coordinated crisis management and incident response protocols. Previously, he was a TSA Expert Behavior Detection Officer and was trained to detect individuals exhibiting behaviors that indicate they may be a threat to aviation and/or transportation security. He is a retired Detective 2nd Grade with the New York City Police Department, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. His background includes almost twenty-one years in law enforcement honing his skills investigating homicide, robbery, burglary, and other high profile crimes. Duarte served on two major federal task forces involving organized crime, receiving two awards from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York. He is proficient using state of the art computer technology for data research, and in employing electronic audio-video recording devices. Due to his demonstrated investigative capability, as well as the quality and results of his casework, he received ten Excellence in Police Duty Awards, and five Commendations for Meritorious Service. Duarte was a recipient of the Frederic Milton Thrasher Award (2008) from the National Gang Crime Research Center for his work in gang crime investigation.



mike ‘mikey’ donovan

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D. Lee ‘doc’ Gilbertson

D. Lee 'Doc' Gilbertson holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Sociology (2002; with a concentration in gangs and substance abuse) and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (1996; focusing on criminology and victimology). His background includes 16 years of exemplary military service (infantry and signals intelligence) from 1976 to 1992. In addition to his regular duties, he also received training in and served as the unit Alcohol and Drug Coordination Officer (responsible for substance abuse prevention training and supervising urinalysis collections), and as the unit Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare Defense Officer. He currently teaches at Saint Cloud State University and has consulted with law enforcement and provided training in the areas of forensic victimology, crime analysis, and gangs. He has studied gangs, militias, and extremist groups since 1995 and is a certified gang specialist. Gilbertson has presented and taught at numerous national and international conferences and academic institutions, and is a European polyglot. He is a staff member of the National Gang Crime Research Center and has participated in every iteration of its International Gang Specialist Training Conference. Gilbertson is a three-time recipient of the Frederic Milton Thrasher Award (2002, 2005, and 2008), and is an Executive Editor for the Journal of Gang Research.

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